Thursday, October 25, 2007

What to do with your fortune's paper?

The weather is turning cool over here these few days.With this kind of weather, I have been restless and sleepy all the time.Feel like going in to hibenation. I know I have not been posting last few days. I was wondering what do people do with thier fortune cookies paper. Some will eat up their cookies and leave the paper on the table after their meals, some will keep them in their purse, to remind them of their good fortunes from time to times. There are some who would save them , under their pillow or in the safe. Since I have been reading a lot , I have been saving them in a small wine glass. Maybe I can sell them on ebay one day. What would you do with yours?

Today I have a few fortunes

" Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation"

'You have a reputation for being straight forward and honest"

"You have a potential urge and the ablility for accomplishment."

"You are broad minded and socially active"

"Don't let friends impose on you,work calmly and silently"

"You have an iron will, which helps you suceed in everything"

"You have much skill in expressing yourself to be effective."

Get Paid to Travel as a Travel

Monday, October 22, 2007

The job as a Cookie Master.

Have you been enjoying your fortune cookies'sayings? Do you know who writes all these messages and what it takes to be a Cookie Master?
As a vice-president at Wonton Food, Inc., in Long Island City, Donald Lau manages the company’s accounts payable and receivable, negotiates with insurers, and, somewhat incidentally, composes the fortunes that go inside the fortune cookies, of which Wonton is the world’s largest manufacturer. Each day, Wonton’s factory churns out four million Golden Bowl-brand cookies, which are sold to several hundred venders, who, in turn, sell them to most of the forty thousand Chinese restaurants across the country. Wonton’s primacy in the industry and, for that matter, in the gambler’s imagination is such that when, in March, five of six lucky numbers printed on a fortune happened to coincide with the winning picks for the Powerball lottery, a hundred and ten people, instead of the usual handful, came forward to claim prizes of around a hundred thousand dollars. Lottery officials suspected a scam until they traced the sequence to a fortune printed with the digits “22-28-32-33-39-40” and Donald Lau’s prediction: “All the preparation you’ve done will finally be paying off.”

“We’ve had winners before, but never this many,” Lau said the other day, in his East Williamsburg office, which is furnished with stacks of financial reports and “A Dictionary of American Proverbs.” “A computer picks the numbers, not me. If only a computer could also write the fortunes.” Lau never expected to become a fortune-cookie writer. After graduating from Columbia with degrees in engineering and business, he joined Bank of America, then ran a company that exported logs from the Pacific Northwest to China. In the early eighties, he was hired by a Chinatown noodle manufacturer, which eventually expanded into fortune cookies. The firm bought the Long Island City plant, and it soon became apparent that its antiquated catalogue of fortunes would have to be updated. (“Find someone as gay as you are,” one leftover from the nineteen-forties read.) “We knew we needed to add new sayings,” Lau said. “I was chosen because my English was the best of the group, not because I’m a poet.”

At first, the writing came easily. Finding inspiration in sources ranging from the I Ching to the Post, Lau cranked out three or four maxims a day, between scrutinizing spreadsheets and monitoring the company’s inventory of chow mein. “I’d be on the subway and look up at the signs and think, Hey, that would make a great fortune,” he said. (One such adage: “Beware of odors from unfamiliar sources.”) “I’d keep a small notebook and jot down whatever came to me. I don’t think I ever sat in front of the computer and said, ‘I am going to write ten fortunes right now.’ It has to come naturally.”

Love, riches, power: there is a limited range of experience that can be expressed in one sentence, and, about eleven years into his tenure, Lau began to run out of ideas. He leaned increasingly on traditional Chinese sayings, which offer insight (along the lines of “True gold fears no fire”) but not foresight (“Your income will increase”), and in 1995 he gave up altogether. “I’ve written thousands of fortunes, but the inspiration is gone,” Lau said. “Have you heard of writer’s block? That is what happened to me.”

These days, he cycles selections from his vast oeuvre in and out of circulation. He is worried that readers will notice that the cookies are in reruns, which might result in Wonton’s losing its edge on the competition. (This is unlikely. Although there are about forty fortune-cookie companies in the United States, few have Wonton’s manufacturing capabilities.) So Lau has decided to bring in new blood. The company will soon advertise for a new fortune writer, and Lau will make the transition to editor. “Maybe when I retire I’ll write again—perhaps a book about writing fortunes,” he said. Returning to form, he summarized the thrust of the book with two simple axioms. “Don’t have too complicated a mind,” he said. “Think in ten-word sentences.”
Today's cookie "You are the master of every situation"

Monday, October 15, 2007

Mung Beans.

Mung beans or green beans have been commonly used in Asian/Oriental cuisine for many years. It can be eaten as whole or as bean sprouts. It is a tasty source of vitamin and protein. The Chinese has shown their great wisdom by featuring Mung Beans in its cuisine with superb creativity.
The most popular to cooked whole mung beans is to boil them in water until soft. Chinese use whole mung beans to make sweet soup, which is a welcoming summer delicacy. Malaysians like to add coconut milk and brown sugar to the mung bean soup.This refreshing dessert is usually served chilled and is a good remedy to the summer heat.
Mung bean paste is also made into the fillings of some popular dessert items like mung beans cake or buns(bread). Even the starch of the beans is separated and used to make jellies and noodles.
Mung bean sprouts are the most common used vegetable accompaniment to a Chinese meal. It is an easy and convenient way to add to the fresh taste and crunchy texture of stir-fried dishes, fried rice or noodles or stuffing for spring roll.
Traditional Chinese Medicine considers bean sprouts to be yin or cooling food, which have the merits of alleviating heat stroke and detoxifying the body.

Today list of fortune cookies sayings

You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment. -True

Wish You Happiness -- Thanks , and I wish everyone the same- Happiness

Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation. - I guess man is never content , he always want to seek for the better, for more, for the best, will this bring him Progress?

You will have a long and wealthy life.- I love this and hope it will come true. Thanks

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Olive Garden

Sunday, we decided to have lunch with my son who came back for Fall Break,from Georgia Tech,Atlanta. He said he will make reservation since he has a few more friends joining us. We reached that at 2pm. Eventhough we made reservation, actually the said they do not take reservation, they gave us some kind of buzzer, it will buzz when there is a table for us. We still have to wait another 30 minutes. By the time , we decided to go in , there were people ahead of us. Still have to wait another 15 minutes. They were crowded, I guess the food must be excellent.
Finally, we got our table, set down and the waitress took our order for drinks.Later she brought us some cheesebread and salads.
Then we placed our order, the price were average high. Most of the boys decided to order the All You Can Eat Pasta, for $8.95 .There are 7 different kinds of pasta,Angel Hair, Fettucinni, Linguine, Sphagetti,etc. with different kind of sauces, Smoked Alfredo,Marinara sausage,etc.
My husband ordered the Garlic Chicken with Fettucinni. I ordered the Smoked Alfredo Fettucinni. He liked his Chicken, I tried to finish my pasta,but it has too much cheese on it.When all the boys finished theirs, no one wanted another plate. The pasta and bread filled them up.Service :Excellent, Food: Average Price: High

Today Fortune "Accept the Next Proposition You Hear"
I sure will and waiting for one. Anyone wants to offer me one?

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend Travel

Today we got to drive a long way to Tallahassee, Florida,then to Dothan and Montgomery, Alabama and back to Phenix City, Alabama and Columbus,Georgia.
The weather was cloudy, suppossed to rain.
We left Columbus, Georgia at 1015 am, drove all the way from Highway 280 East , then 27 South all the way to Tallahassee. Took us 3 hours driving, and everyone was hungry so we took lunch at the Super China Buffet.
Lunch is $ 6.40 per person, drinks separate. On the Buffet line there were more than 150 items from Japanese, Chinese, Mexican to American Food.You can have baked Salmon,Dim Sum, Lo Mein Noodles, Bar b que pork,ribs, Salad, Soup, Desserts, Sushi, Fried Rice, Sesame Chicken, Italian Chicken and so many more.
The Egg Custart Tart is real good, a mini tart but the crust is very crispy.And the Sushi is so fresh, a lady behind the bar made them fresh.Also if you like Terriyaki, you can pick up your choice of meat and Vegetables and the Chef will cook for you ,right on the teppanyaki grill.
They were real busy,even on a Saturday. Our waitress was real sweet, although she did not really take care of our drinks, she was a little busy.

Today's Fortune" If it is meant to be , who are you to change that. Time to believe it"
Does this mean Faith? If it is faith, can you change it? Some people believe that you can change your faith,they will not let anything block them, not even faith. When they want to do something, they are determined to do it. But, some people believe that if it is faith, you cannot change it.They will sit around and blame everything on faith.So what kind are you?
Just let time tells you.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Triple Fortunes

I have three fortune cookies today.

1."A Good time to finish up old Tasks" - I really do not know where to start, Looks like I have so much things I need to finish.

2."You are broad minded and socially active"- Er!!I am not too sure of this.

3."You will be singled out for promotion" - Another one,Not true,Somebody can take this. I am self employed.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Japanese Food.

This evening, I am about to cook dinner but my husband called and said The Boss man
wanted to eat out. He told me to wait at Chef Lee's Restaurant because they really enjoy the atmosphere and the food there.I drove 5 miles to my destination and was surprised the parking lot was so emptied. A sign on the door said, Closed on Mondays.
So, we changed our destination to dine in at Fuji ,Japanese Seafood and Steak House.
A very big restaurant,surprisingly owned by a Chinese couple and most of the chefs and waitresses were Indonesians and a few Chinese.
They have a long Sushi Bar, a Bar and a few teppanyaki grill,table. Not too busy but a few tables were having birthday parties. They were singing Birthday song with gongs and drums. Something very unusual.
The waitresses all dress in Kimono Shirts.
We ordered some Shasimi( a varieties of Fresh fish,Tuna,Yellow fin and Salmon)Also told the sushi chef to fix us a Sushi Boat. It had a varieties of different Sushi,California Rolls and Crab meat Rolls.
The Sushi Boat came beautiful arranged. Taste delicious. I did not quite like the Shasimi because I do not like raw meat.
The guys enjoyed their Sake and having a good time.

Today Fortune Cookies say "You are one of the people who goes places in life" Recently I have been getting a lot of cookies that talked about travel. And true, Travel is one of my passions, I love to go places to learn about others,environment and culture/food.

'"The world is always ready to receive talent with open arms" Every company and country needs Talented People. To help them to advance and develop.Any Comment?
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