Friday, August 31, 2007

Today My Fortune Cookie Says !!!

I was arriving home late yesterday ,since we were quite busy at the restaurant.
I am too tired to check on my fortune cookie.

This morning , I am giving you the saying of my Fortune cookie.

Today's Fortune Cookie Says.

" You are talented in many Ways"

I believe this,. I am quite talented in some ways. Though I can't sing or dance but I am good at cooking,sewing and making friends.
How About You? What sort of talents do you have? Let me know.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What my fortune cookies said?

When I first came to America, I worked in my brother-law's Chinese restaurant I was thrilled to see all those Fortune cookies around. And when the customer finished their meals, the waitress would put the numbers of Fortune cookies (based on the number of guests per table) on top of the guest check, on the tip tray and gave them to the customers.

The customers would always enlightened to open the fortune cookies from their plastic wrappers ,break the cookies into half. Inside the cookie, came a small piece of paper with some words typed on and some funny numbers. They would read their fortune to each other, and always had a good laugh or happy atmosphere.

I was wondering what is all these fun about that little cookie.Back home, we never had such entertainment after dinner, just paid your check and get out.

I came to know that Fortune Cookie is very popular in all the Chinese Restaurants in America.It was not originated from the Asian countries or China, but somewhere in America.

The little tiny piece of paper usually has a quote/saying or message that tells about someones luck,faith or future.

Many People believe in them and said they are very true to their daily life. Some just have a good laugh and used it as a joke to make fun about their friends.

Most of the sayings or quote are usually positive or good, seldom find a bad one.Those set of numbers are lucky number that a lot of people will use them to buy lotto or power ball. Someone

did really hit the jackpot with these numbers.

I will try to dig more about the history of this little Fortune Cookie.

I will try to post a fortune cookie saying daily, hope all of you out there will give me your interpretation of what it says.

Today's Fortune Cookies Saying :

You are a person of strong sense of duty

It quite true for me, How does it apply to you? Please post your comment