Friday, December 12, 2008

You Are Fired Cookie

Looks like even jobs at the so called 'big companies', 'billion dollar multinationals', 'yada yada yada', are also not safe...

Take a look at this...

Nokia Siemens Networks: Cutting 1,820 jobs
Pepsi Bottling Group: Cutting 3,150 jobs
HSBC: Cutting 500 jobs
Citigroup: Cutting 52,000 jobs
Fidelity Investments: Cutting 3,000 jobs and counting...
Royal Bank of Scotland: 3,000 jobs
Sun Microsystems: 6,000 jobs
United States Steel Corp: 675 jobs
British Telecom: 10,000 jobs and counting
Morgan Stanley: 19 per cent of its staff!!!
Virgin Media: 2,200 jobs
Yell Group: 1,300 jobs
Volvo AB: 1,000 jobs and counting
DHL US Express: 9,500 jobs
Nortel Networks Corporation: 1,300 jobs
General Motors Corp: 3,600 jobs
EW Scripps Co: 400 jobs
Ford Motor Company: 2,600 jobs

Friends, it is time we realise not to trust our employers now. If you can do a part time business now, you should...