Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday's Fortune

Today (10 April 09): is an auspicious date for conducting important activities, e.g. enter new house, get married, start a business, travel & etc. Best time @ 5-7pm (wif day establish star). May conduct important important activities/ activate qi @ auspicious sectors & directions @ E1, SE1 & NW1. However, it's less auspicious for those born in rabbit year.

Today's Fortune:

"You May Lose the Small Ones but Win The Big Ones"- 9, 24 30 35 38 49
A lot of people are afraid to lose little things and will hold on to it but did not realize that better and greater opportunities and gains are out there.

"Travelling to the South will bring you Unexpected Happiness"- 14 16 19 37 42 49
Here I am , this week travel south to Gulfport ,Mississippi. A lot of fun down here, the beaches , sunshine and the Casinos