Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Wedding proposal fortune cookie.

Have you ever thought of having your wedding with a Fortune Cookie's theme?How about proposing by using a fortune cookie?
First, you have to plan to take your girlfriend to your favorite Chinese Restaurant. You have to make arrangement with the waiter/waitress to bring your cookie at the right moment, you need to type your own proposal fortune message"Will You Marry Me?"/"Will You Spend The Rest of Your Life With Me?' and ask them to insert it into your cookie or order them from some companies that specialise in making special occasion fortune cookie. Your girlfriend will be shocked to recieve such a special cookie.And she will sure to agree. Make sure you get some friends to record this special moment.
There are a few companies that I found will do special fortune cookies.
Or if you have a special order, I can order or make some wedding fortune cookies for you. I can buy them wholesale. Just email me

Today cookie's :"You Will Have A Pleasant Trip"

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Day Cookies

It almost a year gone by and we are celebrating Thanksgiving agian in America. The holiday rush is starting with many travellers start to travel,by air or cars ,going home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. This is the day we are thankful for all the good things for the year, our families and friends, our health and many things that we are thankful for. Our lives,our neighbours, the people we meet and work with everyday. Just take a few minutes to ponder on the things that you are thankful for. In fact you do not need a good fortune cookie today, your thankfulness is your good fortune for the years and the years to come.

Today cookies " You will spend old age in comfort and material wealth."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cookies for Veterans

Monday is Veterans Day. There will be no school for some kids and no work for some.
Well, it is day where all the shopping places like Kohl, Target,Ross ,JC Penney and Macy are starting to have holidays sales with 30% to 75% OFF. Great time to start your Christmas Shopping. Actually, Thanksgiving Day is still about 2 weeks away. I thought Sales only start on Black Friday.But, why do Americans act so crazy, everyone only go shopping on that day and you have to get up so early in the cold and freezing morning?, some waited in line for 2 hours before the shops open for business.And they would push and fight for just one particular to or game box.After that you have to stand in line ,another 2 hours to pay for your merchandise. I guess this is one weird American Custom.
So for tomorrow Veterans special Fortune cookies say
"You have a Quiet and unobtrusive nature" This is true, for I am always a queit person, although I love to socialise and have a lot of friends. I always find it hard to carry a long conversation, I will run out of subjects, do not know what to say. I have a few friends who always can carry a long and lenghty conversation, they can alway find something to chat or argue with you,any kind of subjects. And they are always popular and interesting in a crowd, but sometimes can be annoying .For they can chat and chat nonstop .Does this mean they want attention ? But they will never bored a party.Right?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Selling Giant Fortune Cookies

Browsing through the Internet today, I came across a few companies that specialise in making customise fortune cookies. You can order the fortune cookies with your own sayings in them. Like maybe a proposal, or a birthday wishes, or graduation wishes,maybe for baby showers.
I found this company that sell Giant Halloween Fortune Cookies.The Red Riding Hood's Edible Custom Cookies. I am sure that have cookies for other Holidays/Occasions too.
Here is a description of their Giant Fortune Cookies.
Almost as big as a small football.
Giant Halloween Fortune Cookie

This Giant Fortune Cookie is a delightful way to bewitch and delight someone this Halloween!

Hand dipped in your choice of the finest gourmet Belgian Chocolates---(Dark, Milk, or White), or rich, golden gourmet Caramel each cookie is adorned with adorable hand-crafted Halloween Royal Icing Decorations and sprinkled with Halloween Confetti Pumpkins and Ghosts.

This delightfully spooky gift and greeting all in one is a break from ordinary Tricks and Treats! The trick is in the treat with this smart cookie! Personalize the foot-long fortune inside up to 10 lines---! We guarantee you that this is one of the sweetest---and most memorable ways of celebrating Halloween.

Beautifully wrapped in a traditional French Cellophane Bag, this cookie is tightly tied with a matching ribbon. Finally, a beautiful gold seal of approval is added for the finishing touch. Each cookie is meticulously packed in our signature Glossy White Gift Boxes and topped with festive tissue paper.

Dear Fortune Writer:
Type your fortune in the space provided.
Confucius Say:
Please be aware of your spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence flow.
We will center your fortune and print in a large font.
Now, Be Your Own Confucius, And Get To Work!!!

Do you eat such a Giant Cookie or you keep it for showing your friends?

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Fortune with a Joke.

Reading a Fortune cookie is always full of fun and laughter with a few friends after a meal at the Chinese Restaurant. I always noticed people or families were always enjoyed the Fortune Cookie's part . I did not realized it will be much more fun if one of them put a joke on it.
Today, me and a few business associates decided to go eat at a Chinese Restaurnt after our business meeting. Although it was a Buffet Restaurant we did not want buffet but ask the owner, a good friend to cook us something different. He cooked us
Braised Bass fish with soy sauce, Stirfried Spicy Clam, Braised Roast Duck and French Beans with pork slices. We really enjoyed our lunch.
Then it was Fortune Cookies time. Everyone start reading and Anita, the comical one started reading by adding the word "On Bed " to everyone's Fortunes. Everyone really had a good laugh. So this is how it goes

" You will travel far and wide for both pleasure and business, "on bed"

" You love life very much "on bed"

" Handsome is that handsome does "on bed"

" The philosophy of one century is the common sense of the next "on bed"